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The Ultimate Pickleball Vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Fun in the Sun on Pickleball Vacation

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through our week-long working pickleball vacation in Puerto Vallarta, filled with training sessions, fun activities, luxurious accommodations, and unforgettable memories. Z Sisters Pickleball packed their pickleball bags to explore the sunny shores and courts of Puerto Vallarta!

Z Sisters Pickleball on pickleball vacation

Arrival and Accommodations on Pickleball Vacation


The adventure begins with a non-stop flight from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta on Alaska Air The week after Thanksgiving. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a private charter bus that took our group to the luxurious Maraval Distinct Luxury Residences, where we stayed for the next seven nights. This top-notch resort offers beautiful accommodations, multiple pools, a hot tub, and a VIP Beach Club and Pool with a restaurant and bar just a short walk away. The resort staff works tirelessly to ensure your stay is nothing short of perfect, providing exceptional service, gourmet dining at four restaurants, and 24-hour room service. Plus we had access to free Wi-Fi and our own washer and dryer inside our suite, making it convenient to wash our tennis and pickleball gear after a fun-filled day on the court.


Marival Distinct Residences perfect setting for a pickleball vacation


Training Sessions and Coaching on Pickleball Vacation


A highlight of our ultimate pickleball vacation were the fun filled training sessions. Scott Borowiak assembled a team of experienced tennis and pickleball pros, including us. Anne was in charge of the pickleball sessions. Carrie taught tennis in the morning and joined the pickleball group in the afternoon. Each day, participants gathered on the brand new, colorful pickleball courts at the resort next door to the Marival. The training covered a range of skills, starting with dinks and court positioning, and progressing to third shot drops, fifth shot drops, lobs, overheads, and ball placement. There was game playing, serving practice and strategy information as well. The small group environment allowed for individual instruction for a personal and enjoyable experience.


Pickleball Vacation in Puerto Vallarta


Recreation and Relaxation on Pickleball Vacation


Beyond the pickleball courts, there was plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation. We enjoyed the beautiful blue pools and played in the delightful Pacific Ocean, with its gentle waves and tropical warmth. We loved exploring the beach and taking long walks along the coastline to appreciate the stunning architecture and nearby resorts. We also took breaks from pickleball, with other activities like ping pong (Champion de Punto), beach games (Beach Ball Bingo) which you can watch in our video here.



Z Sisters Working Pickleball Vacation

15:17 – Demonstration of Spins at the Beach

16:48 – Ping Pong Game and Fun


Mastering Pickleball Spins for a Z Sisters video on pickleball vacation


The Destination and Its Charm on Pickleball Vacation


Puerto Vallarta is a destination that combines natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. With its temperate climate and stunning sunsets, it creates the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable vacation. Whether you’re relaxing at the resort, exploring the vibrant city, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Puerto Vallarta offers something for everyone. The warm, friendly people, exquisite cuisine, and lively nightlife make it a truly enchanting place to visit. The festive atmosphere is further enhanced by special events and parties organized by ILT, the travel company hosting the pickleball vacation.



Carrie Z at the Farewell Party on pickleball vacation




A pickleball vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is an experience like no other. With top notch instruction, luxurious accommodations, and a stunning destination, it combines the best of both worlds – an opportunity to improve your pickleball skills while enjoying a well-deserved vacation. Whether you’re a pickleball enthusiast or just looking for a fun-filled getaway, Puerto Vallarta has it all. So grab your paddles, pack your bags, and get ready for an extraordinary pickleball adventure in paradise.

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Sunset in Puerto Vallarta on pickleball vacation

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