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For the Fun of It Newsletter

Click here to find our archive of all the For the Fun of It Newsletters! Step right into the realm of pickleball with Anne and Carrie Z, your guides on this vibrant journey from tennis to the pickleball court! Discover their passion, expertise, and enthusiasm for forging new connections and mastering this addicting game in the Z Sisters Pickleball: For the Fun of It Newsletter.


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Anne and Carrie Z

We can also be found on a wide range of social media platforms. Whatever your vibe, we are there! We are going big on YouTube. Our channel is growing and is full of videos, where we share tips, and product reviews in long-form and short-form content! 


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🔥 Our Resource List

z sisters pickleball resource list

Z Sisters Pickleball is thrilled to introduce our comprehensive resource page, meticulously curated with products we wholeheartedly endorse and utilize ourselves. From paddles for folks just starting out to top-of-the-line pickleballs, every item on our page reflects the dedication and passion we have for the sport.

We understand the importance of transparency, which is why we proudly disclose that some of the links on our page are affiliate links to Amazon. This means that if you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Rest assured, our recommendations are based solely on our genuine belief in the quality and utility of these products. Explore our resource page with confidence, knowing that you’re accessing a wealth of reliable gear handpicked by fellow pickleball enthusiasts.

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