We Are the Z Sisters – Tennis and Now Pickleball

Anne & Carrie Z

Anne Zarraonandia is the elder sister and is left-handed. Carrie is the younger sister and is right-handed. No, we are not twins. And yes, we come from a big family and love sports and competition.

1966 – Don, Mike, Anne, Carrie, Tom

Dorothy Zarraonandia

My wish for you is that you two are able to play tennis anywhere in the world, with anyone.

Dorothy Zarraonandia, our mom, when asked why she signed us up for tennis lessons long ago.

Her wish came true. We have played tennis together since the summer of 1968, when we learned through our local Parks & Rec Department in Thousand Oaks, California. Click here to read about how we started playing tennis.

We played SoCal Juniors, NorCal Juniors, Collegiate (College of Marin & UC Davis), NorCal Open, and USTA Senior Tennis. We have many National Titles between us, as players. We’ve been ranked Number One in the country in Women’s Senior Doubles, in two different senior age categories.

We are both Elite USPTA Tennis Professionals (over 35 years of membership & service) and have taught the game of tennis to students of all levels and ages. We’ve played doubles together throughout our tennis careers and became known as “The Z Sisters”.

Pickleball is our new game and passion. While tennis is part of our hearts and soul, pickleball is exciting because we get to use many of those game skills as we learn and improve in our new sport.

Anne Z

I’ll never be a better tennis player than I once was, but I will be a better pickleball player!

Anne Zarraonandia

We are both certified USPTA Pickleball Coach Developers and have the opportunity to bring many qualified tennis professionals into the teaching arena of pickleball. We are also certified IPTPA Pickleball Professionals and USPTA Pickleball Professionals. Click here to see our professional credentials and associations.

Carrie Z

We can grow the sport of pickleball when we are having fun and when we are encouraging each other.

Carrie Zarraonandia
Anne & Carrie playing pickleball at Golden Gate Park – January 2023

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We want to share the journey of playing and enjoying pickleball with you!

Z Sisters
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    1. Hi Anne and Carrie
      I recently discovered pickleball in Arizona. I no longer belong to a tennis club here in Marin but I want to take PB lessons and PLAY! Where do you teach and where and how do I sign up ?
      Looking forward to hearing from you😀

      1. Hi Deb – Good to hear from you. Isn’t pickleball fun? I bet you will be a champ very soon with your tennis background.
        Carrie is doing the on-court pickleball teaching (and authorized by the county of Marin!) currently at McGinnis Park courts. Her phone number is: 415-717-5431 and you should text or call her. I hope you have subscribed to our pickleball channel. We are currently working on some videos geared to the problems and successes tennis players will have when they cross over to pickleball! Here is our link to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxMa-YcCECkV0sCNnltlKQ?sub_confirmation=1 – So glad you found our website! ANNE Z

    2. You seem like the ideal folks to ask if there is ever going to be “quiet” pickleball equipment that I could guide our players towards purchasing? I would be happy to point them your way if you carried such equipment. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

      1. We are always open to helping everyone play and love pickleball! If that means using quiet pickleball equipment too, we are interested. We want to find the right “quiet equipment”! Thanks! Check back again! Z Sisters Pickleball

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