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New USPTA Pickleball Certification USPTA

The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) is thrilled to announce a new pickleball certification, now available to both non-members and existing USPTA coaches!

pickleball certification

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S., pickleball offers a fantastic opportunity for players and coaches of all skill levels to expand their knowledge and coaching abilities. With its surging popularity, there has never been a better time to become USPTA Pickleball Certified. This certification will open up a world of possibilities, enhancing your coaching programs and taking your skills to new heights.

Modeled after our successful tennis certification protocols and developed with input from pickleball experts and teaching professionals, this certification is not just a learning opportunity but also a chance to be inspired by the best in the game.

Pickleball workshops will be available nationwide across all 17 USPTA divisions. Carrie Zarraonandia of Z Sisters Pickleball is the NorCal Head Coach Developer for Pickleball. Sister Anne Z is the assistant to Carrie Z.

“We’ve certified some fine USPTA tennis pros who really enjoy learning and teaching pickleball at their clubs and facilities during the past year and a half!”,

Carrie Zarraonandia

“The USPTA represents the gold standard in certification and education for racquet sports—including tennis, pickleball, padel, wheelchair tennis, and platform tennis. We are excited to offer our new pickleball certification to both members and non-members,” said USPTA CEO Brian Dillman. “Pickleball’s growing popularity is creating significant career opportunities for professionals at existing racquet facilities to expand their business, as well as for those exploring the many standalone pickleball facilities emerging across the U.S. and soon globally. We hope you enjoy the course and welcome to the USPTA!”

Existing USPTA members can start by registering for a pickleball certification workshop. Click here!

Benefits of USPTA Pickleball Certification

Becoming a certified USPTA Pickleball Professional offers numerous benefits. Here are three compelling reasons to consider certification, including the substantial insurance coverage:

  1. Comprehensive Training and Professional Development:
    • USPTA certification provides extensive training and professional development opportunities. By learning from industry experts and following a structured curriculum, you gain valuable skills and knowledge that enhance your coaching abilities. This certification ensures you stay current with the latest techniques and trends in pickleball coaching, positioning you as a highly qualified professional in a rapidly growing sport.
  2. Increased Career Opportunities and Marketability:
    • With the booming popularity of pickleball, certified professionals are in high demand. This certification can open doors to various career opportunities, whether at existing racquet sports facilities, standalone pickleball clubs, or even global locations. Your enhanced credentials will make you more marketable to potential employers and clients, allowing you to expand your business and reach new heights in your coaching career.
  3. Six Million Dollar Liability Insurance Coverage:
    • One of the significant advantages of becoming a USPTA-certified pickleball professional is access to a six-million-dollar liability insurance policy. This comprehensive coverage protects you against potential legal claims and financial risks associated with coaching activities. Knowing you are backed by substantial insurance provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on delivering top-notch coaching services without worrying about unforeseen liabilities.

Cost for Pickleball Certification

For USPTA members, the cost of the pickleball certification workshop is $229, with no additional dues required, reflecting a discounted rate that encourages participation and professional development within the association.

Non-USPTA members can access the workshop for $249, plus $325 (or pro-rated dues), offering a valuable opportunity to benefit from top-tier training and resources that significantly enhance coaching credentials and career opportunities. This investment covers comprehensive training, materials, and the advantage of being part of a prestigious network of certified professionals. Specific pricing details can be found on the USPTA website or by contacting the association directly.

Carrie and I have both previewed and reviewed the new content and well made videos that will connect so many dots for fellow teaching pros. There is so much inportant information to be learned and studied. A tremendous pickleball teaching resource from the USPTA. There standard for excellence is well demonstrated in the new pickleball certification!

Anne Zarraonandia


In summary, the USPTA’s new pickleball certification program offers an excellent opportunity for both members and non-members to elevate their coaching skills and expand their professional horizons. With competitive pricing—$229 for members with no additional dues and $249 plus $325 pro-rated dues for non-members—this certification provides comprehensive training, valuable resources, and a substantial liability insurance policy. As racket and paddle sports continue to grow in popularity, the need for qualified professionals to lead this expansion is more critical than ever. By becoming a USPTA-certified pickleball professional, you position yourself at the forefront of this exciting movement, ready to inspire and guide the next generation of players.

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