left handed with a lott to say

Z Sisters Pickleball is Featured!

We’re thrilled by every connection we make with fellow YouTubers! Our latest excitement comes from linking up with James Lott Jr. on his captivating “Left-Handed: With a LOTT to Say” Video Podcast. In this episode, James shines a spotlight on and features Anne Z from Z Sisters Pickleball, the team’s talented left-handed sister. And believe us, they’ve got a “LOTT” to share! Watch below!

The discussion spans various engaging topics: from growing up in Southern California and later moving to Northern California to the unique experiences of being left-handed in a predominantly right-handed world. They delve into their shared passion for tennis, and Anne gives James a crash course on what the heck pickleball is, and even discover a mutual admiration for the legendary Barbra Streisand! The conversation crackles with energy and enthusiasm, making it a must-watch episode! Catch it on YouTube below or tune in to your favorite podcast platform!

Check out Anne and James’ conversation on Apple Podcasts here! (LINK)

Did you know that “Left-Handed: With a LOTT to Say” is the number one “left-handed” podcast in the world? James wins the internet with this great niche! Please add him to your subscriber list and spread the word to all your friends, lefties or not! James Lott Jr, who is Left Handed talks to people from all walks of life about their left-handedness. Also, James shares left-handed facts, products, books, etc. All things left-handed are spotlighted. Great community for Leftys but also a great insight to right-handed people about southpaws!

Join James’ Private Facebook group, “Left-Handed: With a LOTT to Say,” and become part of the conversation! (LINK)

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