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Find Shade on a Pickleball Court

shade at the end of a pickleball court

Hot Weather

There are several reasons why it is important to find shade on a pickleball court, especially during hot weather.

  • Heat exhaustion and heat stroke: Playing in direct sunlight can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which are both serious medical conditions. Shade can help to keep players cool and prevent these conditions from occurring.
  • Sunburn: The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause sunburn, which can be painful and can lead to skin cancer. Shade can help to protect players from sunburn.
  • Dehydration: Playing in hot weather can lead to dehydration, which can cause fatigue, dizziness, and other problems. Shade can help to keep players hydrated by preventing them from sweating as much.
  • Eye strain: Playing in direct sunlight can cause eye strain, which can make it difficult to see the ball and other players. Shade can help to reduce eye strain and make it easier to see.
  • Discomfort: Playing in direct sunlight can be uncomfortable, even if you are not experiencing any of the more serious conditions listed above. Shade can help to make playing more enjoyable by making it cooler and more comfortable.

If you are playing pickleball in hot weather, it is important to find shade whenever possible. This will help to protect you from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn, dehydration, eye strain, and discomfort.

Where There is Shade, There is Relief

Here are some tips for finding shade on a pickleball court:

  • Play in the morning or evening: The sun is not as strong in the morning and evening, so it will be cooler and more comfortable to play during these times.
  • Find a shaded spot on the court: If there is a tree or other structure that provides shade, try to play in that spot.
  • Bring an umbrella or shade sail: If there is no shade on the court, you can bring your own umbrella or shade sail to create your own shade.
  • Take breaks in the shade: If you start to feel hot or uncomfortable, take a break in the shade to cool down.

By following these tips, you can stay safe and comfortable while playing pickleball in hot weather.

shade on a pickleball court

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