How to Prevent Eye Injury on the Pickleball Court

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How to Prevent Eye Injury on the Pickleball Court-Do This One Thing

Eye protection is an essential piece of playing the fast-moving sport of pickleball. We are often at very close range with our partners or opponents. In an instant the pickleball can deflect off anyone’s paddle, putting our eyes in harm’s way. Like choosing the right paddle or court shoes, being proactive in finding the right eye protection while playing indoors or outdoors is vital!

Why is eye protection so important? I was scrolling on Facebook the other day and saw a friend’s post and photo of their eye after being hit by a pickleball. It was not a pretty sight! Luckily for my friend, his eye was not damaged, but the redness around the eye, turning to black and blue was a warning. And thus this post!

Your eye can be saved without much financial cost. Please take heed!

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Outdoor Play

Polarized or wrap-around sunglasses reduce the glare from the sun and are a barrier between your eyes and the oncoming pickleball.


Revo’s Harness Polarized Lens Rectangle Sports Wrap or Oakley’s Half Jacket series come in a variety of sizes and styles for a snug but comfortable fit. Both brands are top-notch. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Oakley Half Jacket Glasses

Indoor Play

Clear or tinted lenses with anti-fog technology are best. Be sure also to consider glasses with shatterproof lenses. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Onix Pickleball Owl Eyewear or Bolle Safety Tryon Safety Glasses.

Bolle Safety Glasses

Bottom line, our eyes are our most valued assets, protect them every time you hit the pickleball court…have fun and play on!

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